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Create a clean, healthy work environment tailored to your needs.

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Cleanliness is “NEXT TO GODLINESS” The much-awaited changes in our society are finally here! As things are gradually moving towards the direction of industrial 4.0 (meaning next generation). We do not want to be left out, and we hope that you are not ready to be left out either! Come, order to enjoy an advanced level of cleaning materials and services. We believe that is an exceptional opportunity to be among the first class of people to reinvent the look, smell, and hygiene of their immediate environments.


Meet The Team

Tidy Desk

 Mr. Anthony Anyanwu

Independent marketer/sales representative, Abuja.

Njoku Abraham 

 Managing Director/ Operations, Lagos.

Uka Mary Ugochi

Independent marketer/sales representative , Lagos Nigeria 

Jonathan Matilda

independent sales representative Portharcourt.  Nigeria

Soap Bars

Bethel Egbukichi

Germany/European Affiliates, supply/ purchase Negotiator.

Motto: Duplicating and creating positive values. Quality services and standard for humanity

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