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As an Indigenous company with over 10 years of working experience in Europe, the need to bring back world-class standard Hygiene products and cleaning services for both private and public sectors in the Nigerian/African market has become a passion for Davindu.

Due to the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, much awareness has been created on the need for personal and public hygiene, however, our visit to some medical centers in Nigeria before the Covid outbreak in early 2020 showed that there is still so much to be done when it comes to hygiene management in our contemporary medical system. Some of the problems range from the consumption of sub- Standard products to substandard health and hygiene protocols, products and equipment, and untrained personnel.

Poor hygiene-related errors, account for a large percentage of hospital-acquired infections through e.g. mismanagement of health care waste, thereby putting the health of patients, hospital visitors, and healthcare personnel at risk as well as the entire community.

It is our goal at Davindu to bring the knowledge, products, and practice of quality hygiene management back home to make our medical centers better and by extension make our country safer in our own little way.

Davindu Vacuum Cleaner in stock
Davindu Vacuum Cleaner in stock

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Davindu Vacuum Cleaner in stock
Davindu Vacuum Cleaner in stock

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Meet The Team

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Dr. Leonard Chikwe

 Business Advisor and Mentor. 

Port Harcourt, Rivers state. Nigeria.


Njoku Abraham 

 Managing Director/ Operations, Lagos.


Uka Mary Ugochi

Independent marketer/sales representative , Lagos Nigeria 


Jonathan Matilda

independent sales representative Portharcourt.  Nigeria

Soap Bars

Bethel Egbukichi

Germany/European Affiliates, supply/ purchase Negotiator.