Davindu is a wholly-owned Nigerian Company registered under general contractors with a specialty in training, supply, distribution, and sales of cleaning, hygiene, and medical products and materials all imported from Germany and Europe, barely a year ago we started operating, our drive and passion are to bring value, standard and world-class hygiene practices, and cleaning products into the Nigerian market.  With our level of expertise and numerous contact in Europe, we are sure to deliver. 

Our team of professionals consisting of Economists, medical experts, hygiene experts, health and hygiene technologists, implementation strategists, and talented administrators, We possess the technical know-how –tools, equipment, and knowledge- to deliver all things cleaning and hygiene with a world-class standard.

We are public Liability Company with a Capital of 1,000,000 Naira Shares.

But today our humble past is an awesome history to emulate.

In collaboration with the  German-Eu standard hygiene management Experts, we offer  crash courses and professional workshops, and  Seminars for medical centers in Nigeria/ West Africa

 on the followings :-


1 Complete package on hygiene management and  various hygiene products and it's  application for local, state and federal medical center in  Nigeria/ West Africa


2 Seminars on Professional cleaning and advance German/EU applications of cleaning materials and products



Davindu  Events in View are as follows:-


1 Independent host to Research and developments on Hygiene upgrades in Nigerian Medical centres/ West Africa


2 Develop new products from our local raw materials and resources.

How to convert wastes materials to useful products 


3 Undergraduates Researchers from the Faculty of Horticultural and Anthropology will have the opportunity to do research in our centers.

DAVINDU INTERNATIONAL LTD would serve as a Prometric center in the coordination of all seminars to make these programs a reality.